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ADM 205 - Ryan Huber: Assignment

Library Resources to support a group research project.

Information Literacy Competencies Addressed

The information competent student:

  1. Determines the nature and extent of the information needed by using sources that are appropriate to the assignment such as scholarly journals and books.
  2. Finds and uses search tools effectively and efficiently using a search strategy using keywords, synonyms or subject headings.
  3. Locates and obtains the information.
  4. Critically evaluates the information before using it by evaluating information for reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness and perspective or bias.
  5. Organizes, synthesizes, integrates and ethically/legally applies the information.

We will touch on elements of all these broad competencies in our instruction session.

Goals for this session:  Students will locate, access, assess, acquire a  minimum of one peer-reviewed journal article as part of the research assignment for this class.

ADM 205 Sports Management Assignment

The purpose of this project is to provide students with an opportunity to engage in research and academic writing on a topic in which they are interested. A group of four will choose and research an important issue/problem in sport management (recruiting violations, paying athletes, performance enhancers, unethical behavior, etc.). Prior to starting the research paper, each group should receive an approval from the instructor about their topic. Each student will be required to write a 3 page research paper on a segment of their topic. The report should be comprised of the following:

·         Title Page (not included in your 3 pages)

·         Introduction

·         Practical recommendations to solve the problem

·         Conclusion/Reflection: Include concluding statements about the topic. In addition, state you reaction/opinion of the topic.

·         Minimum of 2 peer reviewed articles