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BUS 308 - Rich: Assignment


Organizational Behavior Project Paper Requirements

Subject Matter

Each student will choose a company/organization that they wish to research.  The instructor is more than willing to assist a student in choosing a suitable subject.  Once the subject is chosen, the student will research and create a 6-8 page paper including the following criteria:

I.  Introduction to company/organization

      a.  Brief history

      b.  Interest/why did you choose this company/organization

II.   Choose 4 areas of subject matter covered in this course and relate it to your topic

      a.  Diversity (make-up, percentages, male-female ratios, ethnicities, etc.)

      b.  Attitudes/job satisfaction at company/organization

                   i.   Why do people want to work there?

                   ii.  Turnover ratios

      c.  Decision making processes

      d.  Motivational implementations at company/organization

                   i.    Routines, exercising, engagements required with company/organization

      e.  Group behaviors, team work atmosphere and abilities

      f.   Communication processes

                    i.    Global or local company/organization barriers

      g.   Politics

                  i.      Power and Control issues

                  ii.      Ethical concerns with company/organization (past/present)

                        1.       Lawsuits involving OSHA

                        2.       Sexual harassment

                        3.       Child labor law infringements

      h.      Company/Organizational Structure         

       i.         Key cultural attributes of company/organization

       j.        Application process to work for company/organization

      k.       Stress management programs practiced by company/organization

III.  Conclusion

      a.       Wrap up findings and reason for choosing topic

      b.      Did you learn something valuable or not from doing this project

IV.    References

      a.  APA style format

      b.  Minimum 3 references listed

Paper Requirements

The completed final document submitted should be 6-8 pages in length.  It must be a word-processed document, double spaced in a 12 font type face.  You must implement a header showing student’s last name and page number on the top right of each page. The project paper will be graded on content and research validity as well as grammar and structure requirements.   Any portion of the requirements that are not fully met will affect final grade received. 

More criteria for the paper

Organizational Behavior Paper Job Aid


Introduction/History (must answer all 3 questions)

1.       When did the company/organization come into existence?

2.       Where did the company/organization get started?

3.       Who is responsible for the creation/success of this company/organization?

Subject Matter (answer minimum 5 questions)

1.       What are some diversity points with this company/organization? (age, ethnicity, male-female)

2.       How is the hierarchy/chain of command for this company/organization structured?

3.       Does this company/organization stress teamwork initiatives?

4.       Does this company have positive or negative branding?

5.       What perks are available for employees that aid in motivating their employment?

6.       Does the company participate in any training or job development practices for employees?

7.       What ethical issues affect the company/organization currently or in the recent past?

8.       What awards or accomplishments has the company/organization received?

9.       What competition exists for the company/organization?

10.   How would someone go about applying for a job with this company/organization?

Conclusion/Wrap up (must answer all 4 questions)

1.       Is this company positively or negatively charged (growing, sustained, or falling apart)

2.       Why did you choose this company?

3.       Would you be willing to work for this company?

Did you learn anything in particular about this company/organization that surprised