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JUS 293 - Kathryn Carroll: JUS 293 Assignment

Students will learn the use of LexisNexis Academic database and legal reference materials.

What you are to do

Library and LexisNexis® Academic Assignment: Criminal law can be researched in a variety of ways.  Two of the most reliable methods are hard bound volumes of various legal resources at libraries and LexisNexis® Academic.  LexisNexis® Academic is an electronic database which is powerful for researching federal and state statutes and cases relevant to criminal law.  Reference and Instruction Librarian Amy L. Brake with assist both sections with locating hard bound volumes of various legal materials in the Pearsall Library collection at N.C. Wesleyan.  She will also demonstrate how to access LexisNexis® Academic via the Library’s web page.  After you learn how to log on, I will teach you how to use LexisNexis ® Academic for legal research relevant to this class.  You will receive an assignment to complete on your own after training.  This assignment will comprise three percent (3%) of your final grade.