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ACC 482 - Sheeler: Assignment

Information Literacy Competencies

Our library session today will familiarize you with the wide selection of research and academic materials available to you through Pearsall Library.  We have much more than what you see within our walls available through our electronic resources. 

Today we will introduce you to the types of information we have available, show you some of the library database and internet search tools, and help you develop skills for finding and evaluating information. 

Most important of all, please ask a librarian or library staff member for assistance at any time.  We can save you valuable time and energy and point you in the right direction.  We are here for YOU.

Wesleyan College Information Competencies
The ability to locate information efficiently and use it effectively is an essential factor in the success of our graduates’ personal and professional lives. For students to be successful at Wesleyan and in their lives and careers, it is essential that they develop information literacy skills. These include the ability to recognize the need for information, and to locate, evaluate, organize, interpret, and communicate information in all formats.

The information competent student:

1. Determines the nature and extent of the information needed.

2. Finds and uses search tools effectively, efficiently.

3. Locates and obtains the information.

4. Critically evaluates the information retrieved before using it.

5. Organizes, Synthesizes, integrates, and ethically/legally applies information.

ACC 482 Financial Research & Analysis Project

Financial Research and Analysis Project

Throughout an accounting student’s academic career, students have been exposed to various accounting skills.  The skills and knowledge learned provides the student with the tools to evaluate and interpret the financial reports published by companies.  The information needed to produce a comprehensive financial analysis includes financial statement analysis, competitor analysis and industry analysis.

 The Financial Research and Analysis Project will allow students to demonstrate these skills and abilities acquired over the past several years.  The project will include a series of steps (referred to as “Milestones”) to aid in the development of a comprehensive analysis.  In completing this project, each student will be able to:

·         Analyze financial statements and industry related data

·         Interpret financial statements and supporting analysis

·         Communicate the financial statement analysis results and the implications of current trends within the industry


Milestone 1:  Selection of Company
For the Financial Research and Analysis Project, each student will need to select a publicly traded company.  As a suggestion, students should consider selecting a company that is of interest and/or familiar.  Each student should submit their desired selection to their instructor for approval.  The due date will be provided by the instructor.

Milestone 2:  Research and Gather Data on the Selected Company
Using the NC Wesleyan College library resources, each student should locate the most recent audited financial reports.  Each student should submit the link to the audited financial reports to be used as well as copy of the company’s balance sheet and income statement to their instructor for review.  The due date will be provided by the instructor.

Milestone 3:  Financial Analysis
Using the data found in Milestone 2, complete the financial analysis.  A template has been provided as a guide in the course textbook.  Each aspect of the template should be completed.  After completing the financial analysis, summarize the results in a 3-4 double-spaced paper.  The paper should be properly developed (introduction, body and conclusion) and formatted according to APA formatting guidelines.  Each student should submit the financial analysis template and the paper to their instructor for review and grading.   The due date will be provided by the instructor. The financial analysis will be a component of the final milestone so it is imperative that Milestone 3 be submitted on time.

 Milestone 4:  Industry Research
Based on the research conducted, identify an industry-specific issue.  Using the NC Wesleyan College library resources, conduct additional research to understand the implications of the identified industry-specific issue for the industry as well as the selected company.  Consider the following questions:

·         How has the industry-specific issue affected the industry as whole?

·         How has the industry-specific issues affected the company selected for the project?

·         What has the industry/company done to address the issues? 

Prepare a 1-2 doubled-space paper discussing the industry-specific issue identified.  The paper should include at least 2 credible resources located in the NC Wesleyan College library. Library resources include print books, electronic books and over 39,000 electronic journals and periodicals (including scholarly and trade), newspaper, and magazines.   . If you have questions regarding the acceptability of a source, please ask your instructor or a librarian for clarification. The paper should be properly formatted according to APA Style.  Students should submit the completed paper to their instructor for review and grading.  The due date will be provided by the instructor.

 Milestone 5:  Comprehensive Conclusion (Final submission)
Using the financial analysis and industry research previously conducted, each student should develop a comprehensively conclusion by preparing a 6-8 doubled-space paper.  The paper should be properly developed (introduction, body, and conclusion) and formatted according to APA style.

The conclusion should incorporate the instructor feedback provided from the previous milestones.  The conclusion should not only summarize the findings but provide final conclusion on the company.  For example – would the company be a good investment?  Why or Why not?