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ENG 111 - Worthington: Assignment

Annotated Bibliography Guidelines

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to research, to make you think about your future, and to learn about what it will take to get you to your eventual goal. After researching your intended profession, you will be required to tell others what you learned by compiling your sources in an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY and by giving a presentation. Read through the guidelines below carefully and complete the assignment as specified. Though these are not a comprehensive list, the following questions will guide your research:

  • What is your career goal upon graduating from North Carolina Wesleyan College?
  • What are the job duties of your chosen career?
  • In what settings will you be able to work?
  • What is the average salary?
  • What are the educational requirements to work in your field?
  • How long does it take to obtain the credentials required?
  • Where can you obtain these credentials?

Locate and identify the following sources to summarize and present:

  • 5 journal articles about ANY topic related to your profession
  • 2 newspaper articles with stories about current events related to your profession
  • 3 websites detailing information about your profession (can be a professional organization website, government website, educational website, etc.)
  • 1 book (you do NOT have to read the book, but you must read the abstract/summary and write an annotation for the book based on your reading)

After you have located, evaluated, and READ through all 11 sources thoroughly, use the information to create an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY in MLA format. ALL SOURCES MUST BE CREDIBLE, NO MORE THAN FIVE (5) YEARS OLD if possible, AND RELEVANT TO YOUR TOPIC.