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ENG 112 - Worthington: MLA Paper Assignment

MLA Assignment

MLA Argumentative Research Paper

For your research paper, I would like you to write a letter arguing in favor of a change. You have two options for this assignment:

  • The letter can be addressed to someone you know, asking that person to either start or stop doing something or engaging in some behavior that you think is damaging to their health, life, others, etc.  
  • Write a letter arguing for a solution to a problem, and address that letter to the person in charge who could actually make the change you suggest.

***With either option, you can write a letter to yourself, if you so choose***

The letter should be based on a REAL PROBLEM. For example, you may want to write to a family member arguing for him or her to stop smoking, or to a restaurant chain arguing in favor of healthier, non-fried meals. 

You must come up with a thesis statement, and the body of your letter must support that thesis statement. Once you have made your argument, I want you to refute your argument by looking at the issue from the point of view of the person you are writing to, and write a paragraph acknowledging the reasons the recipient engages in that behavior or is allowing the problem. At no point in the letter should you become overly confrontational; that will only alienate your audience and cause him or her to stop taking your argument seriously.

Remember that argumentation should be based on sound reasoning and verifiable data, not ethics/morals or emotions. While you may include some information meant to appeal to ethics or emotions, the base of your argument must be on reason, and you must find documented statistics or credible facts to back up your argument.

You must find and use a minimum of FOUR (4) credible sources, citing them using parenthetical citation, and create a Works Cited page in MLA format. The Works Cited page will not count towards your total page count.

The letter should be at least 2-3 pages, and should follow proper MLA format (see sample format provided). In addition, print the first page of each source used and staple all documents together, with the grading rubric on top

Due Date: Thursday, April 6 by the end of class