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QEP GIST Program - November, 2014 update: QEP Workshop


The success of NC Wesleyan's QEP hinges on your participation. This program will attempt to enhance existing academic programs with a focus on student learning through coursework. The QEP on information literacy seeks to:

Enhance student learning by creating coursework opportunities that change information-seeking and use behaviors while taking GIST courses in the major sequence.

Change how students perceive research. Students generally think of research work as a linear task. We want them to understand that research is a recursive process that often involves topic definition, critical evaluation, analysis, organization, and sophisticated documentation skills (source citation).

 Promote increased student learning by providing faculty and staff with training opportunities that uses current best practices and professional literature to influence course design, research assignment design that emphasizes information literacy - all of which reach students through lecture, coursework, and a variety of academic support.

This LibGuide was originally written and used by James Parrigin, MLS.  In spring 2011 Amy Brake became the QEP Director and has maintained and edited this guide for training purposes. 

Faculty Participants:

  • Receive a $200 workshop stipend.
  • Travel re-imbursement will also be available for those who travel to attend the workshop. 
  • For those faculty members who have to hire a babysitter so that they can attend, sitter fees will be reimbursed to you. Please provide proof that you have paid the sitter (copy of the check.)  We cannot reimburse you for a sitter without documentation.
  • Lunch is provided. 
  • Payment of stipend and reimbursement for travel and/or childcare will be made as quickly as possible through normal accounts payable and payroll check write cycles after the task force has approved your GIST assignment and syllabus.  Appropriate forms for requesting will be available at the training session.