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SOC 400 - Wyatt: Assignment

Term Paper Guidelines

Full term paper guidelines are in the document attached below. ↓

Student Learning Outcomes for this Guide

Students will search databases, electronic books and web sites using topic relevant vocabulary in order to retrieve materials that are on-topic and credible.

Elements of paper and sample topic

See the full document provided by Dr. Wyatt attached to the left of this box for:

  • an explanation of the components of the Research Paper Project, which includes the research question, bibliography, rough draft and final paper. 
  • an explanation of the elements of your paper which should include a clear research question, the rationale, background and relevant literature and discussion.   

Sample Topics (You’ll have to come up with your specific research question)

  • alienation
  • bureaucracy in work
  • college and jobs
  • combined individual and family life cycles  - i. homemakers/home production ii. sandwich generation iii. empty nest/retirement
  • discrimination in work
  • fair trade
  • free trade
  • Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
  • household division of labor
  • industry-specific issues: i. agriculture – factory farming/corporate farming/agribusiness ii. automotive industry iii. mining/fracking iv.               textiles v. forestry and environmental issues
  • Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act of 2009
  • McDonaldization
  • mergers
  • minimum wage increases
  • nation-specific work practices (refer to chapter 16 of your text) .
  • self-actualization in work
  • service industry and service economy
  • sexual harrassment
  • social mobility
  • sweatshops
  • technology in the workplace
  • transnational/multinational corporations and labor (TNCs/MNCs)
  • unions (specific unions: AFL-CIO, Teamsters, etc.)
  • whistle-blowing
  • work satisfication