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Logging In to Resources

If you are off-campus and attempt to use any of Pearsall Library's electronic subscription resources, you will be prompted automatically for your username and password. These usernames and passwords are the same as those you use to log in to campus computers and to MyNCWC.  

MyNCWC logins for all currently enrolled students all follow the same format:

Login: FL123456 - First and last initial, followed by your 6-digit ID number. Not case sensitive.
Password: 01201995 - 8-digit MMDDYYYY birthdate

This should work for all currently enrolled students.

Why do I have to log in?

These databases are expensive electronic resources that have access to electronic journals and eBooks. These are restricted to NCWC students who are actively enrolled in credit classes, as well as faculty and staff.



  • Many times a patron is denied through the proxy because they are typing their username & password incorrectly.
  • Turn-off all pop-up blockers; this includes pop-up blockers in Yahoo! and Google toolbars. Clear your cache & restart your computer.
  • Students attempting to log in need to be currently enrolled in classes. 
  • If you are connecting to NCWC databases from a corporation, hospital campus, or government office, there may be a firewall in place which prevents you from using the proxy server. Corporate sites often employ firewalls and may be highly restrictive in what their employees can access. If a corporate firewall prevents access, users will not be able to access the proxy server. Most Internet service providers do not limit the areas their users can access on the Internet, so home users do not tend to encounter problems with firewalls. 
  • Try using Firefox or Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer or other browsers.