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Media Production Lab

Everything you need to know for using Pearsall Library's Media Production Lab.




Our mission is to support the larger missions of the Elizabeth Braswell Pearsall Library and North Carolina Wesleyan College by cultivating responsible and practical media production skills for North Carolina Wesleyan College students, faculty, and staff across departments through the use of media production resources in an enriching environment.


Before using any of the resources available in the lab for the first time, all North Carolina Wesleyan College students, faculty, and staff interested in using the lab must be oriented to the responsibilities of the lab, from the policy of the lab to the procedures of the equipment they are using, regardless of prior knowledge. New and returning users must attend an orientation at least once every academic year. Users must complete an orientation for each resource they are interested in using.

Only oriented students, faculty, and staff whose library accounts are in good standing are permitted to use the lab and its resources, and may not allow others who have not been oriented to use the lab and its resources.

Upon completion of orientation, users will sign a Media Lab resources borrower agreement that will be noted on the user's library account. At the bottom of the agreement, there is a checklist listing the resources of the lab. When users learn a new resource, a new box will be checked off accordingly to represent what resources the user is authorized to utilize.

Scheduling a Mandatory Orientation Session:

An interested user will contact library staff, who will schedule an orientation.

Introduction to the Lab:

All users will be made aware of the policy and procedures for using the lab's resources.

First-time users will receive basic training or other qualified library staff on the following:

1. Lab Policy

2. Copyright

3. Procedures and Best Practices Regarding the Following as Requested:

  • Cameras
  • Tripods
  • Lighting Kits
  • Lighting Reflector
  • Microphone Boom Pole
  • Wireless Microphone Kit
  • Video, Sound, or Special Effects Editing
  • Portable Green Screen

Further questions can be addressed accordingly as users develop their skills.



All resources must be reserved in advance online:

When a user comes to the library for a reservation, library staff will verify the user, the condition of the resources, and grant access.

A user may reserve each resource for two-hour periods, with a limit of four hours per day. Only resources that have been reserved may be used. Reservations may be made beyond the four-hour limit with permission from library staff.

Reservations include set-up and clean-up. Resources must be ready to return at the end of a reservation.

Users can check out the following resources for two-hour periods, up to four hours each day. All other materials must remain in the lab at all times—no exceptions:

  • Sony PXW-X70 Professional XDCAM Compact Camcorder (Includes 2 Memory Cards)
  • Sony HVR-A1U Camera (Tapes Must Be Requested)
  • 2 Tripods
  • CowboyStudio Lighting Kit
  • Lighting Reflector
  • Microphone Boom Pole
  • Wireless Microphone Kit
  • Portable Green Screen

It is imperative that all resources be consistently maintained in excellent condition. Following use, all resources must be returned to their starting positions in a condition better than they were found. All users are responsible for all materials they reserve.

No food, drink, dust, smoke, dirt, or chemicals is allowed near the equipment, no matter where you are filmingEquipment must be used in clean, dry, smoke-free environments at all times in accordance with the policies of the college.

When your reservation to use the Media Lab Space is complete please remove all personal belongings.



If any user is found to be in violation of any part of this policy, library staff must be notified. Library staff will assess each violation accordingly. Violations may result in the user being banned from the lab for a period of time. If the user should request to use the lab after a ban period is over, and the library deems the user to be earnest in his or her future intentions with the lab, the user will be reoriented to the lab and its resources.

Possible causes for being banned:

  • Damaging equipment
  • Eating or drinking in the lab
  • Allowing people who have not been oriented to use lab resources
  • Failure to return equipment on time
  • Using the lab beyond your reservation period
  • Discourtesy to staff or other library users



Each spring semester, library staff will assess the use of the lab through quantitative and qualitative data and develop the lab for the following fall accordingly.