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Use the Internet for Scholarly Search

The Internet is considered  Public Domain.   Be sure to use the following search combination as you navigate the Internet. 

Example:  Click on

Type your topic in the search box  and add   .edu (for Educational websites)  ⇒   Global Warming and .edu

OR   Type your topic in the search box and add   .gov (for Government websites)  ⇒   Global Warming and .gov

OR a combination search   ⇒  Global Warming and .edu and .gov

OR   Using   Google Advanced Search   Type your topic in the search boxes as required.  Scroll down the page and in the "Site or Domain"  box, type  .edu  or  .gov

Note that the  "File Type"  box will allow you choose the file type you prefer  ⇒  PDF or Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word, or Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. 

If you simply prefer to use the main   search box, you could do a combination search as well.

Example:  Global Warming and .edu and .gov and .pdf or .Ppt    etc, etc.

OR  Using   Google Scholar    type your search terms or keywords in the search box...