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LexisNexis Academic: Overview

Legal, News, Business, and other information...if you know how to use it!

LexisNexis Summary

LexisNexis is one of the most extensive and powerful databases provided by your library.

It's also one of the hardest to use effectively.  Finding the best information is complicated!


Many databases the library offers are designed for undergraduate students.

LexisNexis is designed for professional researchers and experts.  That's why it's so complicated.

What's In LexisNexis?

News Articles:

LexisNexis Academic has the most comprehensive collection of newspaper articles that the library offers.  Many papers are covered back to 1980, and if you're looking for local or regional coverage from any U.S. state or international paper, it's the place to go for the most articles.

Legal Information:

LexisNexis is the library's best source of legal information of various types, including...

  • Statutes and Codes - laws from every U.S. state and many countries
  • Case information from high courts including the Supreme Court
  • Law review articles
  • Information about major cases and legislation in categories like Freedom of Speech, or Search and Seizure

Business Information:

Like S&P or Google Finance, LexisNexis provides financial, news, and legal information about businesses through their Company Dossiers.  These are good for supplementing business research.

Use LexisNexis