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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) North Carolina Wesleyan College: Home

North Carolina Wesleyan College's Quality Enhancement Plan focuses on improving the development of student information literacy skills.


North Carolina Wesleyan College's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) focuses on strengthening student information literacy competence by creating a fuller upper-level student research experience. The Plan achieves this goal by working with each academic division to enhance the curriculum in order to prepare Wesleyan graduates for academic, corporate, and civic cultures that are information-centered. The full-text document is available below.

The College’s four academic divisions have worked with their respective disciplines to select courses that will emphasize advanced student information literacy competencies in each major. With the cooperation of the Student Government Association, this program is named Getting Information Skills Today (GIST).

QEP student outcomes seek to:

  • Enhance student learning through course and curricular programming and student learning assessment.
  • Change student perceptions about research. An institutional self-study indicates that our students approach coursework involving research and writing as a linear task. Through the QEP, the college wants to teach students that research is a recursive process that requires topic definition, critical evaluation, analysis, organization, and ethical decision making in the use of information.
  • Promote increased student learning by providing faculty and staff with training that carries out QEP goals in GIST program design, GIST course design, and related, current, educational best practices that reach students through lecture, homework, in-class activities, coursework, peer tutoring, and academic support.