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Registering for the Research Readiness Self Assessment (RRSA): About the RRSA

How well you can you find, evaluate, and use information resources? See for yourself and get immediate personalized feedback! To complete an interactive self-assessment, follow these directions.

This Guide

Use the tabs at the top to register and get started on this test.


The following exercise is a glimpse into the future - specifically, your future as a student.

Since much of the work you'll do at your academic institution relies on your ability to find, select, review, and incorporate field-specific knowledge, the ability to use libraries and other information resources will figure prominently in your academic success.

Complete the entire assessment to receive detailed and immediate feedback on your current skill level. Some questions were designed to be challenging and we ask you to do your best. When you've completed the entire assessment, you'll be redirected to a personalized results page offering useful suggestions for improving your skills and making the best use of today's library resources.

  • Please click the "Test Tips" tab above.