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3D Printing Services

Your guide to using the library's 3D Printer and 3D Scanner!

3D Modeling Software

Below are websites and resources for creating and editing 3D models, and, for preparing files for 3D printing.  Many of the resources are free/open source, and some of the fee-based products have free versions available to students.  The list below is only a partial list of the 3D modeling software options available; for more information please contact Chip Larkin ( or  


The software we use to print on our Lulzbot TAZ6 3D printer is Cura.  Cura is a free, open-source software that prepares files for printing by converting to GCODE.  If you would like to preview the print layers, print size. amd potential costs before submitting your file for printing, you can download Cura here.

Files to 3D Print

Below are websites that have 3D models available to download and print.  Some of the models are free creative commons downloads, others are fee based.




Other SItes