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Library Instruction: Library Instruction

Library Instruction at NCWC

NC Wesleyan's statement of purpose says: "Instruction emphasizes critical thinking, analytical reasoning, reading, writing, speaking, informed decision-making, and information skills."

As part of its mission, the Library actively participates in helping our students develop critical thinking, informed decision-making, and information skills. We provide instruction that will enable students to find, evaluate, and effectively use the information for the rest of their lives. 

We encourage instructors to request library instruction sessions for their students, and to make use of library staff, facilities, and resources to support their classes and assignments. 

Library Instruction Services

Note: For Spring 2021, we will not be offering in-person library instruction. All library instruction services will be virtual, and can be in the form of live virtual sessions using MS Teams or Zoom, custom LibGuides, narrated video walkthroughs, or other assistance/resources as requested by faculty.

Library Instruction Sessions

Librarians are happy to provide library sessions and/or resources that address specific information needs within your course. If you have a project that requires any research, we would love to help. We can provide virtual sessions for any of the satellite campuses.

Use this form to request a virtual library instruction session or custom online resource: Instruction Request

  • Please give the library at least two weeks' notice if possible. Teaching sessions for faculty are high-priority, but they do require preparation for your specific needs. 
  • Please give an alternate date on the form if possible, especially if you teach in Goldsboro or the Triangle, as travel arrangements will need to be made. 
  • A librarian will contact you to speak about your particular class needs, and to finalize arrangements for the session.

Research Consultations

Library research consultations are available for faculty, individual students, or study groups and typically last between 30 minutes and an hour. Faculty may request research consultations for their own research or to discuss library resource needs for their students, specific course assignments, or group projects. Research consultation hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm or at other times by request.  To request a library research consultation visit 

Course Guides

Librarians use LibGuides to build custom course pages for classes with research assignments. Librarians will build these guides as a permanent jumping-off point for research within your class and can do so whether we are invited to teach or not. If you believe your students could benefit from a research portal, just contact a librarian or email

Online Instruction Tools

The library has online instruction resources that faculty can request to be included in LibGuides or embedded in their course LMS.  These resources include:

Other Instruction Services

The library will also provide:

  • Orientations and tours
  • Assistance to professors designing research assignments. We can frame research questions to match the library's array of books, articles, and electronic resources.
  • Faculty and staff development workshops

For assistance with online instruction tools, or any of our other services, contact a librarian or email