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Reserve Media Lab & Equipment: Policy

Media Equipment Checkouts

Media Equipment Checkouts

Media Equipment (cameras, video cameras, tripods, lighting, microphones, storage media, and other audio or video equipment) can be borrowed for a 24-hour loan period.

Please Reserve Media Equipment prior to check out by using the reservation system on this webpage. 

Borrowers will be charged a fine of $1.00 per day, or any portion of a day, for each item (i.e. camera, SD card, microphone, lighting, or other device or equipment) returned after the specified deadline. There is no maximum fine for overdue devices and accessories.

All files and work created on the camera/device/SD card, or other storage will be deleted at the end of the loan period. Please save your work in the cloud, on a personal flash drive or external drive, or by emailing it to yourself. The library staff are not responsible for work lost while using a library device.

While using media equipment and the media lab, I agree to adhere to the policies and procedures of the library, the media lab, and NC Wesleyan University. Failure to follow these policies and procedures can result in users losing their Media Lab and/or borrowing privileges.

Report any problems to staff at the Circulation Desk as soon as possible.

Reservation/Checkout Process

Reserve media equipment or the media lab using the tabs on this page. Equipment is arranged by type: Cameras, Tripods, Lighting, Mics, Etc. Click on the appropriate tab to reserve. 

Reserved equipment can be picked up at the circulation desk

Before your first check-out of equipment you will be asked to sign a laptop/equipment check-out contract. A new contract will be needed each academic year; a copy of that check-out contract is below.

The standard checkout period for Equipment is 24 hours. The standard Media Lab reservation is 3 hours

If you have any questions about media equipment checkouts or using the media lab, please ask at the circulation desk, or, contact the library at 252.985.5350 or